Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Instructional Comm_unication

pagi tadi bayar deposit umah, pahtu call birmingham water tuk masuk air, tinggal bayar first month sewa 450 n deposit api, the house will be mine (kena tunggu pizah masuk duitlah). Petang ada kelas dgn richmond, biasalah mestilah gabra gile. She's the kind that pointed to the students and straightly ask the questions. Takan nak diam kot. Tapi hari lain sikit, Prof Stacks dr Univ miami masuk and briefly talk about instructional comm in class. Why instructor should always standup not sitting on the chair because to gain power. And what the most good thing i learn about the chapter is : teacher credibility is all about student perception, is not what she think, that she are good enough and have all the knowledge on that")aku kena conclude dlm kelas td). contohnya mcm Dr Ph_ill dlm oprah tu, org kat sini tak suka, dia rasa macam dia bagus, padahal org lain x rasapun dia credible..itu yg prof aku ckp.

So utk kita yg mengajar ini, students perception are very important..No matter what.

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