Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Fall holiday just finished. I spent 3 day in Atlanta, visit several places that sound interesting but not all. But the nice and awesome is world of coca-cola and stone mountain

Ticket 15 bill for coke is just worth it. There are a lot of info and fun ( esp 3D motion picture). Lastly you can taste different variety of coke flavor around the world, but some were suck!!!

Stone mountain is a theme park plus historical place. It's about civil war in america. so the southern people remark some important figures on the mountain to remind their "jasa" to the country.

Finally, we ate so called chinese food beside Al Farouq mosque at atlanta. then after that going back to Birmingham again.


just me... ang said...

terrorist doh org putih nampok nyer... hehhehe...

dok sia2 gi ajor anok omputih... mung kurus la pie... :)

Anonymous said...

emmmm baru dua bulan dah kurus...setahun aku rasa mengkerengga.....kehkeh.....tom pasi ayir.......kio mus kera ir.....ctliza